1st grade must read book suggestions
great book list Graphic Novels for kids have burst onto the scene with the success on Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It has been a big hit with boys and reluctant readers. Now, many new series have been created for this special niche so we've created our favorite "Must Read" graphic novel book list."
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first grade reading tipsGraphic Novels for Kids Series

    Enjoy Engaging Visuals and Great Stories from Graphic Novels

    Since kids these days are even busier because of the different activities that they can enjoy outside, as well as the popularity of online games, getting them to sit in one corner to read books is even more challenging and difficult than before. Fortunately, there are now great ways that will allow your kids to start enjoy reading. With graphic novels, reading will definitely be included in your kids’ vocabulary and this will surely be one of the best activities that they will look forward to.

    Understanding Graphic Novels

    Graphic novels are really wonderful, especially for getting those reluctant readers as well as those newly independent readers to enjoy books. There is now a great book list that you can find on graphic novels for kids that they will surely love. Graphic novel for kids offers an easy way for them to expand their vocabularies and improve their reading skills. Apart from that, graphic novels provide positive impact on the visual literacy skills of children, which are actually more important than ever especially in this digital age.

    Also, graphic novels offer the perfect way for your kids to make the transition from those image-centric books to books that are more text-based. Due to the combination of text and images in a graphic image, a reader obtain visual clues about what is going on within the story although their vocabulary is not up to the entire words. Reading a graphic novel also enables reader to be actively involved and requires them to think. Obtaining graphic novels from the most popular and great book list enables your kids to reap the benefits of analyzing and reading graphic novels.

    Get the Best Graphic Novels from a Great Book List

    Graphic novels have been gaining popularity over the years and there are various reasons behind this phenomenon. Graphic novels may actually be new formats, but there are still about telling stories. It is just that a graphic novel tell its story with integrated pictures and words that may appear different from those traditional novels as well as picture books.

    Both the internet and television play a crucial role in each culture. Images are also becoming even more integrated into the lives of everyone. Learning to analyze and understand such images is a crucial part of dealing with this world, and graphic novels actually offers a bridge that connects the image-centric media and the conventional prose narratives. Reading graphic novels can help kids understand the ins and outs of the visual literacy.

    With the help of a great book list that offers graphic novels, a lot of kids, especially those middle school boys can enjoy the skills and entertainment that they can get through reading such amazing books. They can enjoy reading big books such as Big Nate, Just Jake, Wimpy Kid and a lot of impressive and amazing graphic novels that will stimulate not only their vocabulary and communication skills but also their visual literacy skills. Get hold of the best graphic novels for kids in the great book list to help you enjoy those engaging visuals and appealing stories that you will love.